Eddie Roberts

Cult-ore Art was founded by Yorkshire-based, self-taught metal sculptor Eddie Roberts, who studied metal fabrication and sculpture at universities around the world. After years of travelling the world in a variety of professions, Eddie always had his art in the background. He decided to pursue his passion for sculpture seriously as a career when he reached a defining point in his life.

This ‘lightbulb moment’ involved searching for and finding his biological parents after being raised by his loving adoptive family in the North East of England from birth. This significant and moving moment helped solidify Eddie’s burning ambition to pursue art as a full-time career and Cult-ore Art was born.

As a craftsman, Eddie has made a lifelong commitment to and built a passion for reforming metal in a way that represents the diversity of the art world today. His desire to create artwork that is accessible and that anyone can be ‘hands on’ with, rather than admiring from afar within a gallery environment makes the ‘one of a kind’ pieces he creates a true reflection of the things that are important in life.

Inspiration – the line

Contemporary metal sculptures and installations from Cult-ore Art represent form, shape, colour, light and raw materials, with an architectural and geometric feel. They range from large ‘Cor-ten’ structures to sleek powder-coated pieces, are abstract and symbolic in style, and create stunning centre pieces and connections that bring spaces to life.

Artwork from Cult-ore Art is inspired by the concept of the ‘line’ in nature, architecture and geometry. For him, it’s all about the ‘founding lines’. The sculptures are shapes that are translated from forms seen all around us every day, from the corners of buildings and rooms, to the sometimes microscopic and magnified forms of nature.